Slab Formwork

Slab formwork systems are construction aids that help with laying concrete floor slabs. Here, concrete is poured to enable the construction of various horizontal surfaces. Choosing the right slab formwork is crucial for construction projects, considering the progress and quality of work depends on it. 

Slab formwork comes in varying types. There’s modular formwork that is made for solid or lightened slabs. Timber beam formworks, on the other hand, are easier to assemble and adapt to different slab geometries. Similarly, there are other forms of slab formwork ranging from waffles to aluminium forms for concrete slabs.

Experience the MSB Form difference

With MSB Form, we aim to strive to the highest of quality standards. That is why with the right care, MSB Form can last well over a decade. We’ve been using MSB Form since 2014, and without it, we wouldn’t be as efficient as we are today. 

MSB Form is proudly Australian owned, and we provide our system to construction and concrete industries, whether it’s concrete formwork, kicker bracing or brick formwork. We serve all over Australia and the US. If you’re outside of these locations, you can still reach out to us here

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