Concrete Formwork

Traditional formwork is fabricated using timber, but as tradesmen ourselves, we found this to be problematic for a number of reasons. We didn’t appreciate working with a flimsy product when it rained or made contact with wet cement. We didn’t like that we could only use our timber forms once or twice at most. That’s why we decided to create our own concrete formwork braces.

The reusable steel formwork bracing for concrete

With our concrete formwork bracing for concrete systems, you’ll enjoy many benefits that just wouldn’t be possible with timber formwork. Just some of the advantages are listed below:

  • Straighter edges, including when forming brick ledge
  • More efficient
  • Can be used on uneven surfaces
  • Works in any conditions: regular soil, clay, sand, rock. Etc.

We offer a range of concrete kickers in different sizes, depending on your job. Contact us if you would like more information about using our kicker in your concrete construction project.

concrete formwork

Using our concrete kickers and concrete boxing brackets

Our adjustable concrete kicker and concrete rebate brackets work just like a timber formwork – only better. First, you set up string lines as required. Then, position our concrete frames on the outside of the string lines. Hammer the rods into our frames and arrange the boards on the inside of the string lines. Secure the frames to the boards with screws. It’s really that simple.

We also provide a step-by-step instructional video so you can get right into using your concrete boxing frames after your purchase. You can also book a consultation for us to come down to your site to show your team a demonstration of how to use our adjustable kickers.

Make the switch to MSB Form today

Our concrete formwork system was designed to make your job easier and less messy than when you use timber or plywood. We’ve been using MSB Form since 2014, and without it, we wouldn’t be as efficient as we are today. When you’re ready to ditch timber, we’ll be waiting for you with our concrete boxing system.

MSB Form is proudly Australian owned, and we provide our system to construction and concrete industries, whether it’s concrete or steel formwork. We serve all over Australia and the US. If you’re outside of these locations, you can still reach out to us here if you would like to know more about our concrete formwork and how you can use it on your residential or commercial job sites.

For all other enquiries, please contact us at

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