Kicker Bracing

Make your concrete pours practically effortless with adjustable form braces from MSB Form. Lightweight, flexible and durable, our steel kicker is fast becoming the first choice for residential and industrial concreters in Australia.

For centuries, concreting has always been seen as time-consuming, intensive and resource-heavy. This was due to the limitations of traditional formwork. However, we have recently discovered a simpler way to complete our concreting tasks, with our steel formwork system.

Eliminate the inefficiency of timber bracing formwork

Timber formwork has had its day. Across the industry, we found that we grew tired of using the heavy timber that would warp out of shape due to the weather conditions or excessive use. We wanted something that would stand up to the elements and take whatever we would throw at it. That’s why we came up with our steel kicker. It’s the better, more efficient alternative.

Consider how much timber you might buy to complete your formwork. Add the stripping time, and you’ll soon realise that an adjustable steel kicker is the solution to your back pocket. Not to mention, those splinters in your team’s hands will be a thing of the past.

concrete formwork

The adjustable kicker that is taking over the concrete industry

Every good tradesperson knows that formwork should be rigid in construction. There shouldn’t be any distortion in the shape – and after the task is completed, it should retain its original shape. Should there be any shrinkage or deflection, it should be minimal. All joins should be tight enough to curtail any cement grout leakage. Additionally, formwork should ensure accurate and quality concrete pours – and quickly.

Unfortunately, timber formwork often doesn’t meet these strict demands. That’s why MSB Form has designed a kicker that can withstand concrete construction. When you need a quick turnaround time, good finishes, and a less demanding on-site experience for your team, turn to our range of products. We have everything you need, from A frame formwork to D frame, and high rise frames.

The MSB Form difference

Our adjustable kicker and concrete rebate brackets work just like timber formwork – only better. We provide a step-by-step instructional video so you can get right into using your kicker bracing. You can also book us in for a demonstration. We’ll come down to your site to show your team how to use our adjustable form braces.

Make the switch to MSB Form today and join the many other concreting companies who swear by its reliance and effectiveness when it comes to concrete pours.

We’re proudly Australian owned, and we provide our system to construction and concreting industries at home and in the US. If you are outside of these locations, you can still register your interest if you would like to know more about our adjustable kickers.

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