An all-in-one kicker & brace solution for concrete formwork. Each frame is easily packed, transported and set up fast, simplifying the process from start to finish. Easy to Use Get the job done faster, reduce labour costs and give your business the capacity to complete more projects. Save Time & Money Ensure a superior finished result. Drastically improve your Finished Floor Level and maintain a professional work site. Set up your MSB Form and walk away with the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be able to deliver a quality slab every time Maximise Quality Designed to work on any slabs and in any conditions – regular soil, clay, sand, rock and more. Versatile MSB Form is high-vis orange for increased visibility, uniform in their size and shape, lightweight and ergonomic - all of which combine to reduce trip hazards and strain on your body. Safe Made using the highest quality steel, then zinc-plated and powder coated, MSB Form is built to last and minimising wastage. Sustainable


Say goodbye to timber pegs, lumber kickers, walers and nails.
The future is here.

MSB Form is an adjustable formwork solution for the concrete construction industry, designed to be compact, lightweight, and strong for all conditions and applications – commercial, industrial, residential and civil.

If you want to get the job done faster, safer and greener, ensuring a superior finished result – upgrade to MSB Form. Don’t get left behind.

An upgrade like no other

Want to produce a high quality of work and at a great volume? Of course, you do. That’s what MSB Form can do for you. We’re an Australian adjustable form company that has shaken the industry up with our new systems. Our products are designed to solve common concreting problems where precision and straighter edges are paramount – all with minimal effort for your team.

The MSB Form difference

We’re an Australian adjustable forms construction company looking to shake the industry up with our new systems. Here’s just a few reasons why many concreting companies have never looked back after making the switch to the MSB Form system:


MSB Form can last 10+ years with the right care. Each frame is designed with the highest quality steel, which is then zinc-plated and powder coated. All consumables are eliminated through minimising wastage. Trust us when we say you won’t need to replace these boys for a long while.

Continued support

We know time is money. That’s why we provide you with support so you can start implementing the system ASAP. In addition to giving you and your team a step-by-step instructional video, we can also visit you in person to offer on-site demonstrations.

Works in any conditions

Our product is designed to work in any conditions – regular soil, clay, sand, rock and more. It wouldn’t be an upgrade if our product didn’t work absolutely anywhere.

We also partner with One Tree Planted to take a more socially responsible and sustained approach to construction practices. With every donation helping to plant trees and achieve global reforestation, we’re working to completely offset our carbon footprint and do our bit to create a more sustainable industry.

Find out more

Although we are based in Australia, the good news is we supply our products internationally to the US. For all other regions – like Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Middle East and South America – you can register your interest.

For more information about our products, including concrete forming, adjustable steel kicker and tilt up formwork, feel free to contact MSB Form today.

I wanted to be able to get precision, check that it was precise and know it was going to stay precise – this system brought that to the table.

— Will Searle, Marvel Slabs

Marvel Slabs were one of the first companies worldwide to implement the MSB Form system. The impact was dramatic and they saw a return on their investment within 6 months.


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