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MSB Form ® is made of the highest quality zinc-plated steel and is designed to be lightweight, compact and extremely strong for all conditions. You can expect maximum results throughout the slab process, whether you’re using MSB Form ® for slab on grade, fixing down to concrete or plywood. Improve efficiency and safety, reduce labour and consumables ensuring a cost-effective business model with our adjustable concrete forms.

Take a look at our family of 5 below:


  • Perfect for conventional slabs and monolithic slabs
  • Ideal for 310mm and 385mm waffle / 6” – 15” slab on grade
  • Frames connect and stack up to 1.2m / 4 ft tall
  • Can be fixed to concrete, plywood and ground

Use for:

  • Brick ledge / rebate, curbs, slab-on-grade, monolithic slabs, paving, radius pours, tank pads, tilt-up slabs, turn-down slabs

A FRAME in 3D:

B FRAME in 3D:

C FRAME in 3D:


  • Perfect for tilt panel construction (frame height 175mm / 6.9”), elevated slabs (200mm / 8”) podium deck and more
  • Arm extends out 28cm / 11”
  • Can be used with hinge insert (sold separately) – great for bridge decks, ensuring you achieve between 45° – 145° on your edge form.
  • Can be fixed to concrete, plywood and ground

Use for:

  • High rises, elevated slabs, slab-on-grade, tilt-wall panels, internal flat floors, external paving up to 250mm / 10”


  • Ideal for 150mm – 600mm / 6” – 24” elevated slabs
  • Can be fixed to concrete and plywood

Use for:

  • Bridge decks, post-tension slabs, elevated slabs, table forms

See what the strip process looks like using MSB Form ® below.


MSB Form ® is designed to provide maximum results for your residential or commercial construction projects. We can help you achieve this with a properly laid concrete slab for plywood or brick rebate formwork.

MSB Form ® is based in Australia, but we do supply our products directly to the US. If you are interested in working with our products, you can register your interest. For more general enquiries or if you are located in other regions, please contact us today.

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