MSB Form is an innovative new formwork solution for the concreting and construction industries. Designed for various commercial and residential concrete slabs, its applications include slab on deck, slab on ground, tilt panel construction, and conventional slabs. An all-in-one kicker system, MSB Form has the ability to do brick ledge – including standard, widened and deepened – and up to 5 ft walls.

MSB Form is ergonomically designed to be compact and lightweight, yet durable and extremely strong for all conditions. Simplify, save time and money, maximise quality and maintain safety.

Say goodbye to lumber kickers, walers and nails – the future is here.

Why make the switch to MSB Form?


An all-in-one kicker solution for slab on ground and slab on deck. Each kicker is easily packed, transported and set up in seconds, making your job quick and simple.


Set up your site in half the time and get finished quicker. It’s quick, easy, and saves on labor & material costs.


Deliver quality product and results. Minimise rectifications of services and plumbing. Set up your MSB Form kickers and walk away with the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be able to deliver a quality slab every time.


Available in different sizes and with adjustable lengths, your MSB Form set can be used on jobs of any scale. No matter the requirements – one set fits all.

See what the strip process looks like using MSB Form below

The next progression in concrete formwork.



Steel frame

Easy to assemble

Stackable to increase height



Ready to use

Delivered assembled

Fits easily in any van or truck



Stays firm in any conditions

Use in soil, sand and other surfaces

Weather resistant

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Marvel Slabs were one of the first companies worldwide to implement the MSB Form system. The impact it had on their business and the resulting growth could not have been anticipated.
See what their Director, Will Searle, had to say about their experience with MSB Form below.