Ordering & Purchasing

Do you offer support once the system is purchased?

Of course! Time is money, so to get you implementing the system as quickly and easily as possible, you’ll receive ongoing continued support via our network of national dealers.

Do you ship across USA?

Yes. Your MSB Form system can be delivered to your door anywhere in USA. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Product & Usage

What is the longevity of my MSB Form kicker system?

Each MSB Form kicker is built from zinc-plated steel and is powder coated. If maintained well, they can last for up to 20 years of regular use. You won’t need to replace these guys for a long time.

What happens when utility pipes and services run parallel closely alongside each slab?

MSB Form is set back from the trench and inserts adjusted to eliminate damage to pipes.

How are pegs/steel rods removed from the ground and unit?

The frames can be easily pulled out by just about anyone. If you are looking for a tool to do it though, we recommend the Fatmax Fubar Utility Bar

What is the best way to transport my MSB Form set?

Your set comes in specially designed crates that comfortable fit in any bed of an American truck, keeping space free for your other equipment

What are the technical specifications of the product?

Check out our Product page for more info on MSB Form technical specifications, measurements, etc.

What ground conditions does it work in?

The product is designed to work in any conditions – regular soil, clay, sand, rock, etc. To discuss in more detail how to implement the system in each condition, contact us.

For any other questions, please contact us.